Built for gamers and PC enthusiasts

Built to last forever

HideX is not an expense but an investment. You can enjoy using your desk for decades and the quality will stay the same. And the value can only increase. Why? Click bellow!

The value of this desk will only raise with time. Why?

Each desk is marked with a number. The first desk we created is marked with number one, the second with number two, and so on.

Each desk has an integrated plate with a secret QR code, so you can easily check the originality.

With time, our marketing effort and your help to show HideX to your friends the brand will become popular among gamers. As usually happen with limited items of popular brands this desk can easily become popular for collectors in this industry.

That is the reason why we are using only the top quality wood for production.

The tabletop is made from 4cm thick massive wood meant to last a lifetime. Any knots or pores are filled using a translucent brown epoxy resin, stabilizing the wood while enhancing its look. Visible metal parts are made of stainless steel.

When designing the table, repairability was one of our utmost concerns. All integrated electronic elements, such as fans, outlets, power button or a reusable fuse can be easily accessed with the help of a screwdriver, without damaging the desk.

So the product can last forever. So the value can rise.

Imagine if you would be among the first to buy a Bitcoin? Is this too optimistic? What about the first piece of Biedermeier furniture? How much will someone pay today to buy the first piece? And how much for the piece with a number of 10.000?

That's a BIG reason for you to react NOW. So you'll be one of the early users.

Built to prevent common injuries

Gamers and other people that are using computers daily are exposed to RSI or repetitive strain injuries. HideX is built in a way to reduce the probability of these injuries.

The curved table top helps position the user much closer to the workspace, thus allowing a much more upright position for sitting, a comfortable arm position and therefore helps preventing repetitive strain injuries (or RSI). The side where your have a mouse is larger, offering more support for your writing hand. The front edge is also a bit rounded to prevent soft tissue compression.

At the end we polish each desk with linseed oil, giving it a matte finish that reduces unwanted glare. Wood is a natural material, which means there are slight variations in the shade of each desk.

Built with integrated PC case

All computer components can be easily integrated into one leg as UPS, power adapters, cables and electricity distributor are hidden in the other leg.

There is only one cable that delivers power to your HideX desk and from there the electricity is led through the hidden channels to your PC and other electronic accessories.

You can easily install your own PC with a liquid or low profile cooler for CPU in the leg. Mount your PC components onto a detachable transparent frame, then put everything inside the leg at once. But in case of any trouble don't worry - we are here to help you.

5 built-in fans and a water cooling system will prevent all overheating problems. The back wall and leg cover is made from MDF (medium-density fibreboard) and covered in veneer. This eliminates any risk of wood bending or cracking due to higher temperature and lower humidity caused by the electronic components. Stainless steel is used to make black fan covers and the cable channel that connects both legs.

GPU riser cable is included.
Motherboard compatibility
Micro, mini or standard ATX
PSU compatibility
190 × 150 × 90mm (maximum width × height × depth)
GPU length
340mm (maximum)
GPU riser cable length
20cm (included)
CPU cooler height
70mm (maximum)
Liquid cooling recommended for high performance
Liquid cooling radiator width
360mm (30mm clearance on each side)
Or 3 × 120mm fans for air cooling
Liquid cooling reservoir height
340mm (maximum)
4 × 3.5" or 2.5" SATA
Acrylic glass thickness
Maximum power consumption
Touch to look inside

Less clutter, more space

When all of your cables are hidden in the table and the surface is clean, playing the game is a completely different experience. Your friends and streaming fans will be impressed.

Single cable to power all your accessories, such as power adapters, IoT hubs or even a router. There is enough space for an UPS that keeps you in the battle in case of a power outage by powering your PC. Your expensive PC components and other electronic devices are protected from an unexpected current spike by a built-in reusable fuse.

Configure and order your own desk today

30 days money back, no questions - the only true way to know if it's for you is to try it out.

Choose the dimension that suits you best

The desk top is made from 4cm thick massive wood giving a total desk height of 74cm. Every desk is made to order which means we are quite flexible and might able to accomodate some custom modifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping & returns

Where can I see HideX desk?

Our workshop is located in Logatec. This small town is located near Ljubljana in Slovenia, EU. We will be happy if you'll visit us by prior announcement. As our product is made to order, we do not have other showrooms but you can always see a few products in our workshop.

What materials is HideX made of?

Every HideX desk is built of only top quality wood. You can choose oak wood if you prefer a more bright color or walnut wood if you are more of a fan of darker colors. Both oak and walnut wood are a hard type of wood that can last “forever”.

How much does HideX desk weight?

This depends on the dimensions. 120cm wide desk weights about 65kg while a larger 180cm wide is around 80kg.

What are the desk dimensions?

The standard dimensions are 120x84cm, 150x84cm and 180x84cm. Custom dimensions are possible.

Is computer located in the left or in the right leg?

You can choose. As power cable is accessible in the opposite leg, choose the setting that are optimal for you and your room layout.

Can I plug either leg into the wall outlet?

When configuring your desk, you can choose whether you want your PC to be inside the left or the right leg. You can only plug the leg opposite to the PC into the wall outlet.

Do you allow for any customization of dimensions?

Yes, every desk is made to order so you can request custom dimensions.

Can I have the desk without the curve on the front edge?

Because each desk is made to order we are able to make simple changes such as this.

How long is the desk power cable?

3m long with spring retractable reel, so no extra cable is laying besides the desk.

Is the desk compatible with monitor arms?

Yes, the desk is designed with support for heavy arm mounts in mind.

How does the desk assemble?

There is minimal assembly required. HideX comes flat-packed as:
1x Table top
Two legs (one for PC, one for hidden devices)
Each leg is easily fixable onto the underside of the table top with 3 bolts. All hardware and tools are provided.

Do I need a mate to help me assemble the desk?

Yes, HideX is a heavy desk so get a mate to help you assemble and move the desk to its happy place.

Is the desk compatible with my current PC?

The desk is compatible with ATX motherboard (standard, micro and mini), ATX and SFX power supply unit and can fit one GPU (maximum length 34cm). It is also compatible with a 360mm water cooling radiator or three 120mm fans for air cooling. Water pump mount is also included.

Do I need a water cooling to use PC inside HideX?

While we recommend water cooling for its superior performance and visual look, you can also use a low profile air cooler with a maximum height of 70mm.

How long does it take to assemble my PC into the desk?

If you have previous experience building a PC it will take about an hour. If you have no experience we prepared a short video that demonstrates the PC build process.

Configure and order your own desk today